Topic Area Descriptions

Cell & Tissue Culture
Proliferation of tissues from callus, ovules, nodules, buds, etc.

Sustainability of water, soil, and wildlife resources.

Major stem and leaf diseases impacting health and productivity.

Economics & Social Science
Financial feasibility of growing and harvesting poplars; public perception.

Advantages and disadvantages of short rotation poplar crops; technological innovations.

Quantitative, molecular, and population genetics of pure species and hybrids.

Global Change
Climate change effects on tree establishment and growth.

Growth & Productivity
Below- and above-ground growth of individual trees and plantations, including yield predictions.

Insects & Mites
Major insects and mites impacting health and productivity.

Internal processes regulating plant growth and development.

Use of the trees for remediation of contaminated soil, water, and sediment.

Production management systems, including irrigation and fertilization.

Wood Science & Wood Products
Wood properties and conversion technologies; consumer products.

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